Wednesday, 6 April 2011

It only happens in Brisbane- Paul Hunt, Ivy & Piper & My Wedding Dress

1950's Vintage Suzy Perette Designer Couture Yellow-Floral Garden Bombshell Pleated Circle-Skirt Party Sun Dress
Timeless Vixen Vintage

I woke up on a dark & cloudy day in the middle of March & decided I would try on a few frocks I had in mind to wear to a couple of weddings coming up in April  . . .this was just the beginning. . .

Brisbane is a small town you see & the term 6 degrees of separation is more like 3 degrees in Brisbane.

1.  Tried on my Beautiful yellow 1950's vintage dress- would not do up . . .not even when I held my breath for a ridiculous amount of time, put on one of those REALLY tight catsuit numbers & practised every core pilates technique I've ever learnt.
So I booked an appointment with Paul Hunt to see what he could do. 

 2. Turns out what he had to offer was soooooo much better! Suddenly my vintage yellow dress looked poor compared to the jewels hanging in his cupboard.

Paul Hunt

3. Paul starts sketching & we start chatting . .

Paul - 'Did you know Ivy & Piper are coming to take some pictures of my studio for their upcoming magazine?'

Tina - 'No, how exciting! . . did you know Mum & I went to the Ivy & Piper workshop a few weeks ago?'

Paul- 'oh wow- was it fabulous?'

Tina- 'Yes I want to throw out everything I own and replace it!'

Paul- 'This fabric is fantastic . . you can tart it up with some brooches or some french ribbon, you really need to start walking Tina.'

Tina- 'It is the caramel out of the tin that is the source of my problem.'

Paul- 'where are your wedding dresses I made, can I borrow them for the shoot?'

Tina- 'If that dress dummy looks better than me, you're in trouble!'

4. Met Mel & Elizabeth from Ivy & Piper again & they mentioned my reception frock made the front cover . . . .I was oohing and ahhing the whole way home!

Ivy & Piper.

Check out the new Fashion Issue- just beautiful.

Only happens in Brisbane people!



  1. Oh my's stunning and so terribly exciting that it's on the cover!! You look gorgeous in the dress and isn't it fun to get something new for a special occasion? Must admit, though, the yellow one stole my heart from the first photo...exquisite!!

  2. OMG the dress in the flesh! You look amazing. Couldn't have imagined a more appropriate cover E & M x

  3. AAAAHHHHH! SO exciting T! What a fabulous thing to happen! The reception dress is simply divine and oh so you. I think you should have been IN the dress ON the front cover of the magazine! X

  4. Tina the dress(es) look so much better on you than on the manequins, gorgeous!!!, but I do love the vintage yellow.

  5. Ahh so it's your dress....I just adore it and what a fabulous front cover it made.
    xxx DJ

  6. That dress is definitely stunning! You must be so pleased. Fiona

  7. The most beautiful dress. Ever. A-M xx


  8. You are so beautiful with your dress, I also want to beautiful like you one day. I like scan Evening Dresses online, Just prepare for my wedding.

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