Monday, 7 November 2011

Mum's Dinner Party

Mum had some friends over for a dinner party a little while ago.
Ivy & Piper have recently re-decorated, the colours are just fabulous!
So while Ivy & Piper took care of the soft furnishings in Mum's unit, we took care of the table styling.

My less than ordinary iphone pictures really just don't do it justice!  


  1. Totally gorge! Love the pink and green blend. And I need the recipe for that iced apple tea or whatever that is looking scrummy in the jug x

  2. I love everything! My favourite is the two cane chairs with the pink fabric that reminds me of peacock tail feathers...very inviting to take a seat! Beautiful. Xd

  3. Completely gorgeous Tina! Absolutely loving all that pink and green and those green chairs are divine!

    Abbey x

  4. Oh wow. I noticed that something like this, especially when hosting guest with drinks, would go great if you'd buy sodastream. Your guests would be so impressed if you could make premium carbonated drinks on the spot


Thanks for the lovely comments!