Monday, 5 December 2011

Home Grown Fabulousness!

Today I thought I'd share with you some homegrown flowers. Okay so they are not MY homegrown flowers . . . much like baking . . .gardening is also not my forte.

We went to Toowoomba on the weekend for my Grandfather's 80th Birthday Lunch & the hydrangeas (favourite flower of all time) are from Aunty Betty's Garden. And the agapanthus are from Mum's garden.

Nanny's garden is to die for, but I've filled every vase so will hopefully collect from her next time!

What are your favourite flowers!?



  1. What beautiful flowers! My absolute favourites are white peonies and hydrangeas, neither of which will grow in our area. I'll happily settle for looking at these for now!

  2. I'm mad for ranunculus at the moment, and all things spring - stocks etc. Lots of colour! Peonies are beautiful and hydrangeas are a definite fave. I always come home from Granny's with a big bunch of something. Such a mood lifter!

  3. Oh I love hydrangeas too Tina! Desperately waiting for mine to flower. Peonies, roses and sweet peas are my other favourites :)

    Abbey x

  4. I love your collection of vases! Amazing!

  5. Brooke- the Brisbane heat has been awful for even tough grass let alone flowers . . .feeling your pain. Thank heavens for online images right!?
    Kate- Rananculus, love them too. If only they weren't so hard to pronounce!
    Abbey- sweet peas . .. can you make some more cupcakes & style them w fresh flowers please! I am obv hungry & the 2 tim tams just didn't cut it!
    Rebecca- thanks I wish I could take credit!
    Bree- I love yellow vase too thanks!


Thanks for the lovely comments!