Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Polkadot Pantry

Aaargh it has been one of those mornings . . . .Alice is on my lap while I 'play the drums' on her back trying to relieve what I can only think is frightening wind pain . . . Henry is pulling every paper parasol out of the basket & threatening to throw them over the balcony & Tim has spilt mulch all over the yard so Henry can't go out to play for fear that the black organic material will end up all over my upholstered couches. Here is a photo of what I'm protecting . . dear readers I know you will understand!

So, in other news news, I have been nominated for a Liebster Award by a super blogger named Kate over at The Polkadot Pantry. Very flattering- thanks Kate!

I initally met Kate through blogging & as we've since discovered not only do I love everything she loves we also have a good friend in common . . . a 'real friend, as in not another blogging friend but a real life friend!' I've also decided she is like Martha Stewart only cooler . . .she bakes, she crafts & wears pink lipstick . . .I wonder if all at once!?

Kate's blog is a mix of fashion, interiors, food, events & a bit of this & that which means it's never boring and such a joy to read!

The Polkadot Pantry

Pop on over to The Polkadot Pantry and see for yourself!
And in the spirit of The Liebster Award I will be passing it on to 5 other favourite blogs. Stay tuned.  


  1. H needs his own playroom! I can bring more rocky road ;), H xo


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