Friday, 10 August 2012

Alice's Christening Day

Last Sunday we celebrated Alice's Christening Day at St Ignatius Church followed by lunch for 21 family and friends at home. It was a more intimate affair than Henry's Christening and ALOT more pink!

Lunch was heaps of fun, Alice was happy all day & I'm thrilled to pieces with these beautiful photos to keep forever.

Oh  . . . and the little bags are filled with lavender & fastened with an old-school nappy pin, keeps your drawers smelling nice!  
LovT xo

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Photos by Dennis Vogelsang -


  1. Stop it! Everything in that post was perfection! Dessert table, your outfit, table setting, Alice's get up, Henry's ensemble, the flowers, lavender bags and don't get me started on the Anna Spiro wallpaper! Lucky duck! Looks like such a pink day, heaven in my books. And Alice looks so happy! You are one of a kind my dear. Ps. What's your lippy colour? Totes gorge xxx

  2. Lipstick brand is 'Princess' . . .it was $2 back in 2001 . . I'm not kidding. It's like zinc so it stays on all day. Difficult to get off my teacups too! Thanks Kate, you are always so kind!

  3. Just gorgeous! Every detail is beautiful. Your dress and your friend's dress are absolutely stunning. Glad you had a wonderful day.
    Ps: what did you serve for lunch for 21 people. That in itself would have been a huge challenge!

  4. OMG what a gorgeous christening! Love that wreath - did you make that? And the invites are gorgeous!!! The whole event is perfect.
    p.s inlove with that trellis wallpaper!

  5. Gorgeous as always!

    I love those lavender bags! And that wreath!

  6. Such a divine day. And all look smashing. Well done. A

  7. Hi Tina,
    What a beautiful spread you put on! Loving Tim's outfit, my husband's name is Tim too, but I don't think I would get him into something so colourful....yet :) Must pop up from the Gold Coast and visit you next time you are at the markets. I was in Noosa a few weeks ago, so lovely, enjoy!


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