Thursday, 27 December 2012

4 Tips for Designing Your Wedding


Despite the fact that people have images in mind of what constitutes a perfect wedding ceremony, and that these images tend to look quite similar from person to person, every wedding is different.

There may be specific elements that consistently draw the most attention - wedding dresses, bridesmaids' outfits, etc.  Ultimately, you have endless options when you begin to design your wedding. There are numerous opportunities to make your wedding beautiful and stylish in a unique way. Here are four specific design tips that can help you on your way to the wedding of your dreams.

Use Bold Colours
When you set about making some of the bigger decisions in designing your wedding, colouring will be at the top of the list. Typically, we all see a lot of images of weddings featuring soft colours at weddings - light pink, mint green, sky blue, etc. However, while these colours can all set lovely atmospheres, don't eliminate the possibility of employing some bold colours. For example mixing an orange (in table cloths, floral displays, curtains) with the white that tends to be prominent in any wedding can create a memorable and strikingly beautiful contrast.
Enhance Floral Displays

The flowers always receive a great deal of attention in the decorative process for any wedding. However, try to remember that in addition to choosing beautiful floral displays, you should try to compliment these displays. For an outdoor wedding, this might mean adorning shrubs, fence posts, or even birdbaths with flowers to enhance the mood. Indoors, it may mean placing floral displays in decorative bowls or vases, or designing elegant centrepieces. Flowers can be stunning on their own, but with the right placement and surroundings they can provide a "wow" factor.

Compliment Dress Style

One of the key design elements that people tend to pick up on at weddings is uniformity. This is why groomsmen and bridesmaids tend to dress in uniform, and why colour schemes are selected and adhered to. The right sense of uniformity makes a wedding feel elegant and beautiful. Consider enhancing these senses by playing off of the way the bride and groom are dressed. For example, if the bride's dress has lace patterns, you may want to employ lace in tablecloths or other decorations. If the wedding bands are white gold, you may want to make this colour prominent in decorations and silverware. There are lots of options here, and they can be great fun to play with.
Use Creative Lighting

Many couples make the mistake of considering lighting as a necessity, rather than a decoration. In fact, however, your style of lighting can drastically improve the image of your wedding! Whether it's tiki torches for a beach wedding, spotlights for an indoor reception, or a dimly lit dinner with candles at the tables, your lighting will do a great deal to decide your wedding's atmosphere.

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  1. I shall be applying these tips to planning my 30th shindig in May - the closest thing to my 'big day' in 2013!


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