Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Alice's Cinderella Party - 3rd Birthday

Alice's 3rd birthday party this year was heaps of fun! Alice chose the Cinderella theme about 6mths ago and it's been non-stop princess party chatter ever since.

Mum made all the hats and wands for the little girls. She also made Henry's hat and cloak. . . which he kept on for a total of 30 seconds! And Nanny made the pretty crown shortbread biscuits.

Tim complained about having to wear a matching outfit and lift some tables! You'd think he'd know the drill by now. Sucker!!!  

The children had an amazing time with the real life Cinderella. Alice was beside herself when she arrived! She was the best entertainment for 2 hrs- dancing, bubbles, pass the parcel and then she made balloon swords and puppies.

It's all getting so much easier as our children get older and I love hearing the party stories from Henry & Alice for weeks following the big celebration.

Thankyou to all of those involved and thanks to Alice's friends and family for helping us celebrate her 3rd Birthday.

Beautiful photos & wonderful video clips by Emily Archbald Photography.
Party Styling by Tina Kent LCA.
Incredible Castle Cake & Dress/Shoe Cookies by Stacey Resetti
Cute Star Wand Biscuits & Macarons by Boutique Bakes by Vanessa.
Cinderella from SuperSteph  
Alice's Blue Gingham Party Dress from LCA
Mum's 'Ladies Who Lunch' Necklace in Tangerine & Earrings from LCA

Love Tina Kent xx


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  3. What a beautiful birthday party! Everything all looks so wonderful!

    xx Ali

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